Reasons People Finance

Reasons People Finance

  • Consolidating debts
  • First time Buyer
  • Investors buying property to rent or flip
  • Buying property in BC, SK, MB or ON
  • Buying a Vehicle (new car/paying out existing car loan/lease)
  • Settling a separation or divorce
  • New to Canada
  • Buying a principal residence
  • Going back to school
  • Putting kids through college/university
  • Buying toys (airplanes, quads, boats, etc)
  • Dissolving a legal partnership
  • Starting or expanding a business
  • Buying commercial property

Consolidating Debts

Assisting people to consolidate debts is an area that I do a lot of work in. Here are the types of situations that I’ve helped people to resolve:

  • Paying out existing business loans that have high interest or confining terms
  • Consolidating student loans for young professionals
  • Paying out existing high-interest credit cards or RRSP loans


“I first contacted Anat to refinance one of my properties in order to pay out a business loan that had high rates and confining terms. Anat has excellent follow-through, and maintained a high level of organization throughout the process of working with me. I had confidence in Anat the whole way through our difficult situation. Our file was particularly challenging for reasons that had nothing to do with Anat. It seemed like the tougher my situation got, the more determined Anat was to make it right. She went well above and beyond the scope of ‘normal’ duties for a Mortgage Broker. She helped me stay focused on the goal, especially when challenges came up. This allowed me to not get distracted by other business matters, as would normally happen. I know my own shortcomings, and Anat’s ability to help me stay focused on the process is what really got the job done.”

Geoff Berry, Owner
Berry Flooring and Flor-Redy

First Time Home Buyer

I have assisted many first time home buyers of various ages from 20 yrs old to 50 yrs old and beyond.

“You have been so wonderful & helpful to us throughout the entire process of purchasing our first home. We really cannot thank you or express our gratitude enough for everything you have done. Being young, first time home buyers, we were scared that we would not be able to afford much in this market. If you had not taken the time to meet with us (less than two weeks ago!) for our first meeting in Second Cup – we would not have a home of our own to return to after our honeymoon. We will, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone we hear of that is even remotely considering purchasing a home”.

Derek & Lindsay Borden

Real Estate Investor

“Anat is currently helping me refinance a rental property, as she has done in the past. I constantly look to increase the cashflow on my rental properties and one way to do that is getting Anat’s help to find a lender that will provide me with better terms. My experiences with Anat have been very positive; she is easy to get a hold of, she communicates clearly and effectively and most importantly she has the knowledge and expertise to get my questions answered. I refer my clients, friends and family to Anat and will continue to do so in the future.”

Mike Niemans

Buying Property in Saskatchewan

“Anat got the mortgage on the second property that my husband and I bought in Regina. Her customer service was exceptional throughout the whole process, and I cannot think of a single thing that she could improve. I would absolutely feel comfortable referring people to Anat, as I know she’d take good care of them”.

Pam & Kevin Maas

Buying Property in BC

“Anat is very professional and her warm personality makes her easy to talk to. I bought property in Port Coquitlam, and she was so helpful and informative. I had many questions about the financing, and Anat made the whole experience easy to understand. She was always there when I needed her, and I never had any worries or stress because I knew Anat would take care of me and my concerns. I will refer Anat to any of my friends and acquaintances without hesitation in the future.”

Zebin Damji

Buying a Vehicle or Paying Out an Existing Lease

“When I sought out Anat’s services, I was financing a luxury vehicle at a high interest rate that was not working for me anymore. Anat helped me to buy this out at a much lower rate, by using the equity in my home. Throughout the process, Anat’s service and response times were excellent. She really focused on me as a client, and was crystal clear on what my family’s goals were. Anat came up with the best solutions based on what were were looking for.”

S&J Crawford

Settling a separation or divorce

“When I first sought Anat’s services, my goal was to re-do my mortgage in order to settle a separation with my common law partner. I found Anat to be outgoing and really eager to help me. Anat was always quick in getting back to me, whether it was on email or over the phone. Her service was good and very efficient. I would absolutely feel comfortable referring Anat to other people.”


New to Canada

Buying a Principal Residence

“Overall Anat you are a ROCK STAR and I loved working with you on our mortgages! I was pleased that we were able to investigate some alternative lenders and structures that I wouldn’t otherwise have had access to. Although the current lending environment didn’t support my first choice solution, there was nothing better that you could’ve done. I appreciate your hard work, and I will continue to recommend you to people for mortgage needs.”

Jeff, Heather and Kids