Anat Stapleton – Mortgage Broker Extraordinaire

Anat Stapleton – Mortgage Broker Extraordinaire

Hello and welcome to my website.

Here is some information about me, which will hopefully solidify your decision to engage my service

Anat_new2Who Am I?

I am an independent mortgage broker who has access to over 40 lenders that offer a wide variety of mortgage solutions. Since I am not tied to any one bank, I can do your mortgage shopping for you (usually for free), and remain unbiased until I find the lender that truly wants your business.

I maintain strong working relationships with many Underwriters (the actual decision-makers who decide whether or not to release the money). This ensures that exceptions can be made regarding unique aspects of your situation, as I actively negotiate on your behalf throughout the process of obtaining the right mortgage for you.

What differentiates me from other Mortgage Brokers?


  • My service.

    I am dedicated to clear, honest, ethical communication throughout the entire process. When you call or email me, I respond back to you promptly. Providing you with exceptional service is not just a habit for me — it’s a core value.

  • My tenacity.

    Although I work with a wide variety of clients, many of the borrowers I assist do not fit the guidelines of traditional lenders. These include and are not limited to people who are new to Canada, have declared bankruptcy, are self-employed or working on a contract basis, or just have credit/income challenges. In tough situations, I don’t give up until I find the right solution. In situations where people qualify easily, I keep working until I’ve found the most competitive mortgage solution.

  • My availability.

    If need be, you can reach me in the evenings and on weekends. Since I do not keep banker’s hours, I can meet with you at a time and location that is convenient for you.

  • My attitude.

    I love what I do, and get tremendous gratitude from serving people. I treat all people with equal care and respect, regardless of their situation. I live by the Golden Rule, both personally and professionally.

  • My professionalism.

    Whether I’m working closely with your realtor, helping your family or friends as a result of your recommendation, or assisting one of my personal friends, I always maintain a level of friendly professionalism.

References are available upon request.