Brokering Your Mortgage and Your Move

Brokering Your Mortgage and Your Move

As your dedicated, fully licensed Mortgage Broker, it gives me joy to find you a terrific mortgage through my cost-free consulting services. When you become my client, you get the following services (and more) for zero charge:

-I shop the market for you
-I negotiate a good interest rate on your behalf
-I find a lender who will approve your unique financial circumstances
-I work closely with your realtor or homebuilder
-I give you professional guidance on your existing mortgage
-I protect your credit score

Did you know that a good “Move Broker” can provide you with similar benefits?

Jason Keeling is the CEO of Canada Move Brokers Inc., and his company helps people all across Canada find the best moving companies. (

“One of the common misconceptions in hiring movers is that higher rates and more experience don’t matter, and that paying lower rates is actually going to save you money,” says Jason.

“When we set out to pick the best movers across Canada and the US, often the higher priced, more experienced movers ended up costing less, both in fewer damaged items and in the increased ability to work more efficiently. Picking the best mover has little to do with the lowest hourly rate and everything to do with the experience of the moving crews, how the moving company’s hiring policies ensure quality, and how you’ll be taken care of if something with the move goes wrong.”

After all, what good is a seemingly lower move rate if it ends up costing you triple that when something goes wrong?

Jason has rescued many clients from moving horror stories, including a client that had recently hired a ‘local small mover’ do an international move from Brazil to Canada. Not understanding the difference between driving 20 kilometers and sending a client around the world, the inexperienced moving company ended up damaging some of the client’s valuable goods and causing extra costs and unwanted headaches.

Just like I focus on finding the right lender for each specific person seeking financing, Jason’s company focuses on matching the right mover to client’s needs and budget. In Jason’s experience, the wrong match ends up being very expensive.

Whether you’re changing houses in the same city or moving across Canada, Jason Keeling and Canada Move Brokers would like to offer you the following tips to ensure that you have a successful move:

Does the moving company you are considering using have references?
-If something goes wrong with your move (like the moving company’s vehicle leaks oil on driveway, or your goods are damaged), can you hold back payment until the problem is fixed?
-What specific hiring and management practices does the moving company implement to make sure their crews are the best in the city?
-Does the moving company have moving tips and strategies to make the move more efficient, and to help the cost fit in with your budget?
-Does the moving company offer you a choice of different crews that are priced according to their skills and experience?

Should you have further questions about moving or mortgages, please feel comfortable contacting Jason and me as per the information below.

Yours in Service,

Jason Keeling & Anat Stapleton

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