Settle a Divorce or Separation

Settle a Divorce or Separation

Getting through a separation or divorce is an incredibly emotional process that can be both stressful and scary.

Besides the emotional component, much of the fear that people experience is around settling the finances, especially concerning the home that was jointly owned.

This is where my free consulting services come in.

A big part of what I do involves helping people settle the financial part of their separations & divorces smoothly and efficiently.

My process includes helping them re-do the mortgage on their matrimonial home to remove one person from the mortgage and property title, and helping the other person get good financing so that they can buy their own place.

My direct access to 40+ lenders allows me to seek out the best mortgage options for people. I also coordinate the lawyers in the final stages of the process so that things are handled properly.

As a result, the people I assist are able to move on peacefully from this major life transition.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Even if you’re not ready to take action now yet there are certain things about your situation that you’d like to understand, I’m happy to provide any information that will be helpful to you without obligating you in any way.

Please call me for a *free* consultation

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