Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

As mortgage guidelines and economic factors continue to shift, it’s increasingly important to get good guidance on your new or existing mortgage.

The right Mortgage Broker for you can make a significant and positive difference in how you purchase property, save on monthly payments and design your short- and long-term goals.

Therefore, this is a good opportunity to give you the benefits of working with a Mortgage Broker like myself.

I’ll start with dispelling the following, common misperception about who uses the services of a Mortgage Broker:

Mortgage Brokers are only truly useful for people who would not qualify for financing through a traditional Lender

While this may have been true 20 years ago, it’s simply not the case at all anymore. This misconception will be further dispelled by outlining the facts and benefits of using my services below.



Your time and energy are valuable.

If you did your own mortgage shopping, it would take anywhere from 5-15 hours of your time (depending on how many Lenders you sourced)

I do your mortgage shopping for you, often at no charge

Banker’s hours are inconvenient for most people

I am able to meet you during hours that are convenient for you, including evenings and weekends

Many people are very uncomfortable doing their own negotiating

I am a skilled negotiator of mortgage rates and terms.

As your Mortgage Agent, I have solid relationships with the key decision-makers at over 40 Lenders across Canada, and will negotiate with them on your behalf

Lenders and banks can sometimes take your business for granted.

How do you know if your bank is really giving you the best rates and service?

The only way to know this is by conducting comparison market shopping and analysis.

I do this for you so that you have the peace of mind in knowing what the mortgage market is offering you.

Your credit score determines what interest rate you get. The higher your score, the more competitive your interest rate.

Each time a Lender checks your credit, your score decreases

As your Mortgage Broker, I run your credit report once only and can source many Lenders by using this one report.

This protects your credit score.

Getting your mortgage through a bank means that you’re working with an employee who answers to the goals and wishes of their boss and parent company.

As your independent Mortgage Broker, I don’t work for any bank or Lender, so my number one priority is YOU. Because of this, I can truly find you the right mortgage solution without any outside bias.