Couple uses their equity to fund major home renovations

Couple uses their equity to fund major home renovations


“We are incredibly grateful to Anat Stapleton for helping us make our home renovations a reality. It is something we had planned on doing for a long time, but kept holding off because of financial concerns. However, that all changed after speaking with Anat, who put our worries at ease. She was able to find us a solution that best suit our renovation budget and our long-term financial goals. From the beginning of the process to the end, we felt completely cared for and valued. Anat is passionate and knowledgeable about her work; she is an exceptional listener and is able to find a solution to any problem, but most of all she is client-centred. Anat was only concerned about our best interests and wanted us to be happy with the decisions we made. We also really appreciated Anat’s exceptional work ethic and communication skills. We live in a different province and time zone than Anat does, but she was always able to work around our schedule regardless of it being a work day, evening, or weekend. Anat was also incredible efficient and managed to get things rolling immediately. The experience was better than we could have imagined! Anat will always be our go-to-person for future financing or mortgage needs, and we would highly recommend her to all of our friends and family.

-Traci & Rob,
Pickering, ON

Single Mom Buys Dream Home…

“Hi Anat;
Well I have to tell you, you did an amazing job at getting me a mortgage! You taught me so much in this process. You gave me strength when I was stressed. You worked to get my dream home for me and my kids. For this I am totally grateful.

You are certainly great at your job. You know how to get the job done. I would gladly tell anyone who is going through you to purchase a home. And, I would tell them that when they’re your client, they have nothing to worry about. When Anat says not to worry, then don’t worry! She’s got everything under control, and she will take great care of you

Anat, your positive attitude and how well you understood me made a huge difference for me in buying my home. I’m certainly not the ‘average Joe’, and it’s a great quality that you have to connect with someone and know their personality enough to be able to get them on their level.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! God Bless”.

-From SC
Okotoks, Alberta

Common Law Couple Moves in Together…

“Your personal touch made us feel very comfortable and secure during our mortgage search, and is what helped us get the home that we truly dreamed of. We also loved your Pep Talks when we got discouraged in the process, as they helped us see things clearly and get back on track. Thank you for everything, Anat!!”

-From JD and JZ
Calgary, Alberta

22 Year Old Woman Buys Her First Home…

“Anat was my Mortgage Broker in helping me buy my first property. Since I’m only in my mid-twenties, it was really important for me to work with a Mortgage Broker who was patient and trustworthy. Anat was both…she was amazing. I am so young and new to this, and Anat helped me so much through this process. I can’t thank her enough.

One thing I really appreciated was that Anat would call me out of the blue just to ask how I was doing and if I needed to talk. She seemed to get how stressful the process was for me and for people, and was right there when I needed her. She was really comforting and I was always happy to hear from her.”

-From MF
Calgary, Alberta

Home Ownership for Couple Close to Bankruptcy…

…Three years ago, a husband & wife named Paul and Jayne filed a Consumer Proposal. This is one step before bankruptcy, where a Trustee works on your behalf to settle with your creditors by paying them a portion of what they’re owed as a way of settling the debts for good.

Typically, a lender likes to see 2 years discharged from this kind of arrangement. Paul and Jayne had just paid their Consumer Proposal out early, only 2 weeks prior to coming to see me. Having them wait for 2 years before obtaining financing was not an option. They were sick of renting and desperately wanted to buy a new house before the Calgary market picked up again and property values increased.

Here is what they had to say about the process of working with me to obtain their financing:

“Anat took great care of us in a challenging situation. She was very personable and upfront, and always truthful about any difficulties we faced, or any other strategies we should be exploring. Our situation was tough for a number of reasons, and Anat never gave up or lost hope. She was always really friendly, and kept us in the loop. She had creative ideas when we faced obstacles, and encouraged us when we got frustrated. In the end after months of working hard, Anat got us the mortgage we were hoping for. We are excited beyond belief to move into our new home.”

Recently Separated Man Buys Property…

“Having gone through a separation, and the selling of the matrimonial home, I was in need of financing for my new home purchase. I knew being self employed would bring with it difficult challenges at best, but being separated added obstacles I wasn’t expecting. I needed someone in my corner, someone who would go to bat for me. Anat you filled that position to perfection. You made me feel as though I was your one and only client. I have already referred you to a friend, and will not hesitate in referring you in the future. I now have a new home for my son and I, and a new friend.

Okotoks, Alberta

Successful Business Owner Re-mortgages to Pay Out High-Interest Loan…

“Anat has excellent follow through, and maintained a high level of organization throughout the process of working with me. I had confidence in Anat the whole way through our difficult situation. Our file was particularly challenging for reasons that had nothing to do with Anat. It seemed like the tougher my situation got, the more determined Anat was to make it right. She went well above and beyond the scope of ‘normal’ duties for a Mortgage Broker. She helped me focus on the path, especially when challenges came up. This allowed me to not get distracted by other business matters, as this particular time in my business was very busy and it was important to get this loan paid out. I know my own shortcomings, and Anat really helped me to stay focused on the process”.

-Geoff Berry, Owner of Berry Flooring & Flor-Ready

First-Time Buyer Sisters Purchase New Home Together…

“I am a first time home buyer and was referred to Anat by a co worker. I knew nothing about mortgages or real estate. After meeting Anat I felt more at ease and knew that she was the perfect person to help my sister and I with our first mortgage. She walked us through the whole process and answered any and all of our questions in a prompt manner. I felt like she always had our best interests in mind! She was able to get us our first mortgage at a great rate! I would highly recommend Anat and would be happy to refer her any of my friends and family!”

-CS, Calgary

Successful Real Estate Investor Re-mortgages to Increase His Properties’ Cash-Flow…

“Anat is currently helping me refinance a rental property, as she has done in the past. I constantly look to increase the cashflow on my rental properties and one way to do that is getting Anat’s help to find a lender that will provide me with better terms. My experiences with Anat have been very positive; she is easy to get a hold of, she communicates clearly and effectively and most importantly she has the knowledge and expertise to get my questions answered. I already refer my clients, friends and family to Anat and will continue to do so in the future.”

-Mike Niemans, Top Realtor & Real Estate Investor

First-Time Buyer purchases New Home After One Year…

“When I first met with Anat, my goals were just to see if I qualified for financing, and if not, what I had to do to put myself in a position to obtain financing in the future. After working together for a year, Anat took me right from Square One and got me to a place where I was ready to buy a new home.
Working with Anat was what I expected out of a good Mortgage Broker. She answered all of my questions rapidly, and I achieved an actual mortgage at the end of it and a great new home.
I am very pleased that I called her. I will hang a mural of Anat’s face on one of my walls in my new house! Perhaps make a shrine around it…just teasing. Seriously, I appreciated Anat’s easy-going attitude and friendly banter. I also really liked the ability to meet Anat anywhere at flexible hours that worked for me.
I would absolutely refer Anat to people I know.”

-Kevin Yanick

Buyers from Colombia Purchase New Home in Canada…

“My wife & I were newcomers to Canada from Colombia, and we were looking for a permanent place to live. Finding the right mortgage for us was a difficult task. Even though I had a good job in a multi-national oil company, we had no credit history in Canada at all.
When we found Anat, we were looking for someone who could provide us with the right guidance, and who had lots of experience getting mortgages for people who were new to Canada. We wanted someone who could get us an affordable mortgage.
This is what Anat got for us. She was very easy to work with. Anat is an approachable person who understands the specific situation of each client, not only economical, but also the personal needs that each family member has.
My wife & I appreciated all of the effort, dedication and passion Anat showed in getting us a mortgage. Anat is someone who can be trusted. We feel comfortable referring her in the future”.

-Y.R and P.F.

Couple with Challenged Credit Re-mortgage to Pay Out Debts…

“Although my husband & I were referred to Anat by a very trusted friend, I was very nervous about going to see her as I didn’t know anything about what a Mortgage Broker does. Going to a new company is always a worry as you don’t know how you will be treated. With Anat, I immediately felt like I was a person not just a number. She is not the stuffy business-kind, so I felt like I was talking to a friend about my troubles and that she was really there to help me. Anat is very professional and knowledgeable in her field.
The main thing that we very much appreciated was that Anat was so personable and easy to talk to. I felt safe in her hands with our financial needs.
She is a wonderful person and we would gladly refer her to our friends and family to help them with their financial needs in the future.
We greatly appreciate all the help that we received during our mortgage adventure with Anat. All of our questions were answered and we felt very comfortable talking with her.
Thank you Anat for all you have done for us.”

-Dave & Laura

Successful Business Owner Gets A Competitive Mortgage Renewal

“It is with great pleasure I am writing this reference of Anat. Creating a mortgage solution for us was nothing short of excellent customer service on her part. Anat proposed an improvement in cash-flow our current lender had not suggested and she secured a competitive mortgage approval much faster. Even more beneficial to us was how Anat compelled our lender to earn our business in ways we’d never even thought of before. This really opened our eyes, for this mortgage renewal and for future business with our bank. Anat kept our lender on their toes, and this worked directly to our advantage.
I was most impressed with Anat’s professionalism and recognition of my spouse. Anat insisted my spouse attend all conversations to ensure we understood and were pleased with how the transaction was progressing.
Many thanks Anat!”

-Bill & Wendy Harvey Dynamix International, Ontario