Re-do Your Mortgage to Save or Access Money

Re-do Your Mortgage to Save or Access Money

Have you ever wanted a lump sum of extra cash for anything, and thought of accessing the equity in your property without having to sell it?

Even if you’re in the middle of your current mortgage term with the maturity date being a few years away, this may be possible for you.

Many people ask me to do a *free* evaluation of their existing mortgage before the term is up, to see if it’s possible to:

  • Save money on their mortgage payments with lower interest rates and/or a lower balance
  • Access a lump sum of cash to do renovations, buy new vehicles, go on a dream vacation, expand a business, take holidays, put kids through school, pay off debts and anything else that extra cash would cover
  • Secure a new mortgage that better reflects changes in their income, credit and personal situation since the mortgage was initially put in place
  • Have an additional 5 years of security, especially when current mortgage rates are lower than their existing interest mortgage rate

Even with the payout penalty that’s usually involved in re-doing a mortgage before the maturity date, I can help you achieve many of the above outcomes in a way that justifies this.

To see what’s possible without any obligation, contact me for your *complimentary* mortgage review.