Buying Your New Home

Buying Your New Home

As a Mortgage Broker who’s truly dedicated to her clients, a big part of my service involves getting people fully pre-approved to buy property in advance of when they’re ready to purchase their new home.

Even if you’re not totally sure yet where you’d like to live, or if you’re buying an existing property or a new-build, starting your pre-approval early with me has a couple of big advantages:

First, it allows me to hold a mortgage interest rate for you, for up to 4 months for free. This is like free protection for you that has zero obligation.

If I have a mortgage rate held for you and the mortgage market increases, you are fully protected upon approval.

Second, starting your pre-approval early allows us to work out any wrinkles in your mortgage application that may show up when you’re ready to buy.

In addition to starting early, getting you properly pre-approved to buy your new home is also key for a couple of big reasons.

One: Having a proper pre-approval in place significantly increases your chances of getting approved for a mortgage once you’ve made an offer on a home that you like.

Two: I focus your pre-approval entirely around your personal budget so that you don’t end up house-poor down the road. This ensures that your new home fits well within what you can comfortably afford, adding to your peace of mind and quality of life.

If you’re ready to start the pre-approval process, please contact me and we’ll set up a time for a *free* mortgage consultation.

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